The quality laryngoscopes with vacuum illumination convince through their interesting cost effectiveness due to an almost unlimited service life. Well thought-out design guarantees simple handling in daily use.

  • With reliable 2.7 V vacuum light source for good illumination of the examination area.
  • Quick-to-remove lamp at the front of the blade.
  • Can be autoclaved at 134° C for 5 minutes.
  • Stainless steel blades with easy-to-clean blade surface.
  • Innovative blade design for simple intubation and good visibility.
  • Either for chargeable handles or battery handles type AA or type C  for charging in the ri-charger® charging base or non-rechargeable.
  • All blades are compatible with handles complying with ISO 7376.
  • Hard and soft cases are available for individual combinations of up to five blades and one handle.