TissueFAXS Confocal PLUS SL combines TG´s versatile Spinning Disc Confocal Kit with TissueFAXS SL autoloader capabilities and with TissueQuest/HistoQuest or StrataQuest image analysis software.

Scan Only icon 40 TF CONFOCAL PLUS SL is also available in a Scan Only configuration.

TissueFAXS Confocal PLUS SL provides the benefits of both high slide throughput and laser free fast confocal imaging.

TissueFAXS Confocal PLUS systems also provide all other scanning modes (.i.e. brightfield and epifluorescence) of a non-confocal TissueFAXS system.

TissueFAXS Confocal SL perfomance

TissueFAXS Confocal PLUS SL can scan a complete slice of mouse brain with a size of 73,3 mm2 with four channels and a 13 step Z-stack in 1,5 hours.


TissueFAXS Confocal Spinning Disk unit

The Crest Optics X-Light V.2 Spinning Disc Unit of the TF SL Confocal is a versatile, high tech, yet affordable Spinning Disc Device.


Cr OPt X Light w textCr OPt X Light sect w text

It features:

  • WideField (with fast disk out motorized function) or Confocal (single or double pattern) Double Pinhole Pattern Spinning Disk mode, on the same physical disk
  • Single Pinhole Pattern Spinning Disk for large Field of ViewMotorized Dichroic Five positions Filter Wheel
  • Standard Eight positions Motorized Emission Wheel
  • Plug-in spinning disk
  • Fast spinning disk 15.000 RPM disk rotation speed
  • Extraction tools for easy insertion and removal of both dichroic filter and emission filter
  • Detector focal plane easy focusing without moving the detector
  • Adapter for Multimode Laser or LED SMA-905 fiber excitation

The unit is mounted on the front port of the systems quadrocular phototube and supported externally for stability.

TissueFAXS Confocal System camera options

Thestandard camera used on the TF Conofcal is the Andor Zyla 5.5. As a more performant alternative (speed, quality) the Hamamamatsu Orca Flash can be used.

Zyla 55 w textHama Orca Flash V3 w text

TissueFAXS Confocal System light sources

Spectra X light engine is used for high power fluorescence illumination. This illumination system combines very high output, necessary for confocality, with very short switching times (<10 ns rise and fall times between bands).

Lumencor Spectra w text

The Spectra X uses seven wide band solid state light sources with a fixed configuration, covering most of the spectrum. The user can change the emission filter paddles for the emission bandwidth needed.

Highly intense and constant white light is provided by an VIS-LED with high 25.000 hours of illuminant life.



TissueFAXS Spectra Technology

SPECTRA is TissueGnostics multiplex imaging technology. It combines the spectral unmixing engine of StrataQuest analysis software with special scanning modes in the TissueFAXS software.

The filter wheel plays a central role in SPECTRA as it provides the images for offset calculations for spectral unmixing. By using adapted filter cubes and the deconvolution capabilities of the StrataQuest software, the spectral unmixing of 6 to 7 markers in immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent staining is possible.

This technology perfectly matches a current trend to look at multiple markers in parallel in order to better understand interactions among and between different cell types and cellular subpopulations.


Upgrading to confocality

All epifluorescence TissueFAXS systems (upright and inverse) can be upgraded to TissueFAXS Confocal configuration.