Using the NMReady-flow for Automate Repeated Syntheses

The NMReady-flow kit enables simple inter-conversion of any NMReady-60e or 60PRO benchtop spectrometer into an online NMR detector either along with other analytical techniques or as a standalone tool.

The NMReady-flow enables users to:

  • Automate repeated syntheses
  • Incorporate the NMReady, a centralized laboratory system
  • Understand and enhance chemical reactions in real time
  • Improve reaction yield and safety

Why NMR Spectroscopy?

  • NMR spectroscopy is a linear, non-destructive technique
  • Non-targeted analysis
  • Chemically specific information relating to all molecular species present in solution at a particular time, including structural connectivity
  • Inherently quantitative with minimal or no calibration

Why Benchtop NMR?

  • Compact, low maintenance tool can be placed where needed for smaller sample loop
  • Benchtop NMR delivers significantly better economics
  • Special power or safety requirements are not necessary
  • Automated acquisition and shimming procedures
  • Skilled trained maintenance staff are not required
  • Lower capital and running costs

Data Acquisition

  • The Flow cell can be  set up easily and sealed from the environment
  • It is possible to automate data processing
  • Small sample loop decreases lag
  • Can track a variety of nuclei (for instance, 11B, 19F, 1H, 31P)
  • Enhance reactions, identify byproducts, or track the extent of reaction
  • Experiments can begin on-board, via NMReady-CONNECT or third-party software

Technical Specifications

. .
Configuration: Bottom-to-top
Material: Mixed medium glass / PTFE
Internal diameter: 4.8 mm
Outer diameter: 5.0 mm
Flow mode: Continuous or stopped flow
Flow rate: <4.0 mL per minute


NMReady Flow Setup