Titan 3T sets new standards in Comfort, Imaging and Productivity

Experience 3T like never before!
With Toshiba's Titan series, you provide unsurpassed comfort to your patient, combining a short 1.6 meter magnet with a large 71 cm opening, reducing patient anxiety and allowing 80% of the body to be scanned feet first.

The widest...
What do 71 cm bring in practice?

  • More comfort for your patients
  • Helps against claustrophobia
  • More space to fit patients of all sizes
  • Reduce stress and anxienty
  • Easy check-on and access-to your patient
  • Ideal for pediatrics and geriatrics
  • Ideal for breast imaging

The quietest...
Acoustic noise is an important source of problems on conventional MR systems. It makes communication with the patient difficult and causes the patient discomfort. It can induce transient or permanent hearing disturbance and also poses a hazard for pediatric patients who need sedation.