Zexira FPD Remote Control Digital R/F System from Toshiba

This Zexira FPD system represents a dramatic revolution in the potential of full-digital systems with flat panel detectors. Incorporating a variety of flexible features, the Toshiba remote control digital R/F system Zexira can support highly specialized examinations equivalent to those available with dedicated systems. The full capabilities of this high-performance system can be applied to a wide range of studies, such as gastrointestinal radiography, general purpose examinations, and urology procedures. The system employs a people-friendly universal design, providing a comfortable examination environment both for operators and patients.

Toshiba's unique image processing technologies allow all elements that support high image quality, such as algorithms, system design, and firmware to be integrated at a high level. This allows the following capabilities: sharp image quality achieved by the high S/N flat panel detector and 16-bit dynamic range, advanced Digital Compensation Filter (DCF) that permits images providuing depth without black/white crush, auto-window processing that allows image quality to be adjusted optimally and Super Noise Reduction Filtration (SNRF), providing clear images with low exposure doses.