Video Colonoscope from Huger

The video colonoscope is provided with a 120°field of view. The therapeutic video colonoscope can get three-dimension pictures with the wide view and is convenient to push to the cecum.

The slender video colonoscope fits very well to the normal colon inspection. It is easy to insert and flexible to operate. It is designed to reduce discomfort for patients such as children or adults whose intestine is narrow.


  • Optical System: field of view 120° (direct)
  • Depth Of View: 3-100 mm
  • Tip Deflection: 180°(up),180°(Down),160°(Left),160°(Right)
  • Distal Rigid Diameter: ф12.9mm
  • Insertion Tube Diameter: ф12.9mm
  • Working Channel: ф3.7mm
  • Working Length: 1700mm/1550mm/1330mm/600mm