Video Gastroscope from Huger

The slender type video gastroscope GVE-2100P/ GVE-2100X is a better choice for children and adults whose aesophagus is narrow. Can reduce thepatients’ discomfort greatly while providing accurate inspection.

The all-purpose video endoscope GVE-2100B/GVE-2100 is capable of providing superior images. It is the perfect instrument for inspection and therapy and can vividly show capillary vessels


  • Optical System: field of view 120° (direct)
  • Depth Of View: 3-100 mm
  • Tip Deflection: 210° (Up),90° (Down),100° (Left),100°(Right)
  • Distal Rigid Diameter: ф9.0mm
  • Insertion Tube Diameter:ф9.0mm
  • Working Channel: ф2.2mm
  • Working Length: 1050mm