The X-Cite® 200DC fluorescence microscopy illumination system offers the ultimate combination of optical performance, short term stability and a built-in fast shutter. With the convenience and superior illumination uniformity found in all X-Cite® systems, the X-Cite® 200DC's intuitively easy-to-use design also includes light guide auto-detection to ensure optimized light coupling - every time. Novice and experienced microscopists will enjoy the flexibility provided by the smooth 0-100% intensity adjustment and expanded spectral range of this advanced DC stabilized fluorescence light source.


  • DC lamp
  • Adjustable iris, 0-100%
  • Internal high speed shutter
  • Liquid Light Guide
  • Automatic Light Guide Detection
  • Pre-aligned 2000 hour lamp
  • Intelli-Lamp® Technology


  • Exceptional short and medium term intensity stability
  • Intensity control to avoid photobleaching and optimize illumination levels
  • Limits photobleaching and mechanical vibration transferred to microscope during automated imaging for better image quality
  • Superior illumination uniformity and elimination of heat transfer to microscope
  • Ensures proper/complete insertion of light guide to optimize performance and extend lifetime
  • Easy lamp replacement with no alignment required
  • Maintains optimum lamp temperature; Monitors lamp hours