The X-Cite® 120PC Q offers the same performance and convenience as the X-Cite® 120Q fluorescence illumination system - rich spectral sample excitation with a uniformly illuminated field of view, the convenience of pre-aligned lamps, 2000 hour lamp lifetime, and adjustable iris - with the added option and benefits of a computer controlled microscope light source. The straightforward RS-232 communication and command set easily allows integration into automated systems as well as commercially available imaging software platforms.


  • Pre-aligned lamp
  • 2000 hour lamp life, guaranteed
  • Powerful 120W lamp
  • Intelli-Lamp® technology
  • RS-232 communication
  • Standard adjustable iris
  • Software interface
  • Foot pedal


  • Easy lamp replacement; no alignment required
  • Fewer lamp replacements saves time and money
  • Rich spectrum with high excitation intensity
  • Maintains optimum lamp temperature, automatically accumulates lamp hours
  • PC control of lamp, iris and shutter; integrate into automated system
  • Minimize photobleaching by adjusting light intensity
  • Simple to use
  • Hands-free operation