ZEISS Xradia 410 Versa 3D X-Ray Microscope from Carl Zeiss

The ZEISS Xradia 410 Versa encompasses all the benefits of the VersaXRM family of 3D X-ray microscopes for computed tomography. Xradia 410 Versa is uniquely designed to bridge cost/performance standards for a broad range of scientific research. It offers Resolution at a Distance (RaaD™), proprietary Xradia technology that enables the instrument to maintain high resolution over large working distances. With a large enclosure that allows flexible sample manipulation, long stage travel and a heavy load sample stage, the 410 Versa is ideal for studying large samples in situ and in 4D (3D + time). ZEISS Xradia 410 Versa is ideal for studying the behavior of internal 3D fine structures in a large variety of samples under different experimental conditions.


  • Non-destructive 3D imaging to preserve and extend the use of valuable samples
  • High spatial resolution down to <0.9 µm and 100 nm voxel size
  • Advanced contrast solutions for low Z materials and soft tissue
  • Industry-leading 4D and in situ capabilities for flexible sample sizes and types
  • Scout-and-Scan™ control system for easy-to-use workflow set-up ideal in multi-user environments
  • Heavy load sample stage and extended source and detector stage travel
  • Minimal need for sample preparation
  • Easy navigation through multiple magnification detector system
  • Continuous operation through automated multiple point tomography and repetitive scanning
  • High speed reconstruction