ZEISS Xradia 800 Ultra 3D Imaging from Carl Zeiss

Xradia 800 Ultra is the only lab based ultra-high resolution CT scanner for 3D visualization of microscopic sample volumes. The precision of X-ray focusing optics delivers a resolution as fine as 50 nm, seamlessly extending the capabilities of X-ray CT beyond those of conventional scanners. Integrated Zernike phase contrast imaging enhances the visibility of all edges and interfaces when absorption contrast is low. 800 Ultra delivers reliable 3D volumetric information otherwise only accessible by cross-sectioning or other destructive methods.


  • Non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging allows repeated imaging of the same sample under different conditions
  • Large working distance and atmospheric sample environment allows in-situ studies
  • Automated image alignment for tomographic reconstruction
  • Switchable field-of-view ranging from 15 to 60 µm
  • Absorption and Zernike phase contrast imaging modes