ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra Nanoscale X-Ray Imaging from Carl Zeiss

Xradia 810 Ultra increases the throughput of nanoscale, three-dimensional X-ray imaging by up to a factor of 10. This innovative X-ray microscope (XRM) operates at 5.4 keV, a lower energy that delivers better contrast and image quality for medium to low Z samples and other materials used throughout science and industry. Better contrast enables higher-quality tomographies to be acquired an order of magnitude faster while achieving resolution down to 50 nm.


  • The highest resolution—down to 50 nanometers— 3D X-ray imaging available in a laboratory
  • Both absorption and phase contrast to image a diverse range of materials – medium to low Z, carbonates to shale, tissue to biomechanisms – up to 10 times faster at the nanoscale
  • Synchrotron-like results in your lab without the researcher’s challenge of limited access to synchrotron instruments
  • Improved economics based on faster image acquisition times to expand the reach of the central microscopy lab to a wider range of researchers
  • Xradia Ultra based on energy that best suits the materials you study: 5.4 keV or 8.0 keV
  • Switchable field of view from 16 to 65 µm: high as best suited to your imaging needs