mosquito genomics for next-generation sequencing

The unique mosquito positive displacement pipetting solutions from SPT Labtech harness the strengths of miniaturization and automation to decrease costs, increase productivity, and boost research output.

High performance at a fraction of the cost

The unique nanolitre liquid handling technology of mosquito allows users to do “traditional” liquid handling chores at a fraction of the volume and at a faster rate. The equipment employs positive displacement and disposable micropipettes to handle minimal volumes of liquid in plate-to-plate or intra-plate transfers via contact dispensing.

For real positive displacement pipetting, each of the mosquito’s disposable micropipettes has an independent piston instead of an air gap or system liquid.

mosquito in the lab

After testing several robots from different companies, we recently decided to buy a second instrument, since the first one was our main work horse and the favorite of all users. It is easy to calibrate and to adjust according to the wishes of the users."

Gabriele Rummel, Novartis AG

The mosquito is wonderful, very easy to use once it is set up and calibrated correctly. I've been using it to dispense small volumes into 384 well plates - so happy not to do it by hand!"

Hayley Bennett, Genentech

The Mosquito transferred our ability to set up protein crystallization screens. The work of a day can be done in minutes."

David Egan, Core Life Analytics


Realize the benefits of the genomics revolution

As the cost of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has decreased, the quantity of NGS samples has increased rapidly, resulting in a sample and library preparation bottleneck. By leveraging automation and miniaturization, researchers may reap the full benefits of the genomics revolution.

SPT Labtech’s solutions dramatically improve productivity and reduce cost per sample for PCR, quantification and normalization, synthetic biology, and a variety of NGS library preparation methods supporting single cell genomics, transcriptomics, microbiome and metagenomics, agbio, clinical genomics, and pathogen surveillance.

mosquito LV genomics

Accurate and precise multi-channel positive displacement pipetting to advance genomics research

mosquito LV genomics also provides high and dynamic miniaturization of molecular biology methods with remarkably precise and accurate multi-channel pipetting from 25 nL to 1.2 μL.

mosquito genomics for next generation sequencing

Image Credit: SPT Labtech

mosquito HV genomics

Unlocking the potential of genomics with miniaturized, automated liquid handling

mosquito HV genomics provides very precise and accurate multi-channel pipetting from 500 nL to 5 µL, enabling genomics investigators to benefit from miniaturization in a variety of applications regardless of liquid class. The quick plate-to-plate pipetting motion and tip interchange of the instrument improves speed and efficiency.

mosquito genomics for next generation sequencing

Image Credit: SPT Labtech

Expand the performance of mosquito

Software that is intuitive by design

The liquid handling software that drives the mosquito family of instruments provides customers with an effortless experience tailored to their application area.

The latest mosquito software, developed with scientists, enables miniaturization in novel application areas. The software includes an experiment designer and helpful wizards to help users construct and manage their protocols.

mosquito genomics for next generation sequencing

Image Credit: SPT Labtech


A range of accessories is available for the mosquito range. The accessories include a humidity chamber, cooling block, LCP mixer, and more. Each accessory is crafted to expand the performance of the mosquito.

mosquito genomics for next generation sequencing

Image Credit: SPT Labtech