Motorized Z-Axis Microscope Focus Blocks

The FB series of Z-axis motorized focus blocks from Prior Scientific offer precise and repeatable positioning of loads with a weight of up to 14 kg.


When creating an imaging system it is often necessary to move components and samples, such as an XY microscope stage, vertically. Achieving precise movement in the Z-Axis is essential for high quality imaging, but can be difficult, especially with heavier components.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards – Prior Scientific Z-axis motorized focus blocks deliver the repeatability (± 0.7 µm) and precision (± 20 nm) required for almost any imaging application. Even with a full load, these motorized focus blocks may be driven between 1 and 14 mm/sec over a travel range of 38 mm, making them a versatile choice for integration with a wide range of imaging systems.

Ranging from a simple stand-alone motorized linear axis focus block through mounts for holding stages for incident and transmitted light experiments to encoded devices where overall accuracy and precision is paramount, standard and custom FB series motorized focus blocks are available to suit most applications.

FB series motorized focus blocks, as well as any mounted Prior XY microscope stage, can be controlled via Prior’s ProScan III control system. This control system integrates into a wide variety of imaging applications, potentially allowing every component of the imaging system to be controlled from a central point.

Source: Prior Scientific


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