Pittcon donates $20,000 to fund equipment for teacher workshops at ChemEd 2019

The Pittcon Science Week Committee is collaborating with ChemEd, one of North America’s largest conferences for Chemistry educators, to provide continuing science education for hundreds of teachers. ChemEd 2019 will take place July 21-25 at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.

As a Teacher Workshop Sponsor, Pittcon donated $20,000 to fund the cost of equipment for teacher workshops at ChemEd 2019. The teachers who attend the teacher workshops will have the opportunity to take home materials to recreate the activities in their classrooms.

Since the beginning conference in 1973, over 1,000,000 students have been impacted by the thousands of teacher who have participated in ChemEd. This year, with the help of Pittcon financially supporting teacher workshops at ChemEd 2019 at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, Pittcon’s support will help continue the legacy of ChemEd, teachers sharing with teachers.”


Sue Boberor Jill, ChemEd 2019 Conference Co-Chair

Pittcon is sponsoring six Teacher Workshops and ten Target Inquiry Workshops at ChemEd 2019. Teacher workshops begin Monday, July 22, consisting of various topics including STEM: Cross-curricular and technology, K-8 Chemistry, Methodology/Pedagogy, Green Chemistry, Demonstration/Laboratory, Specialties of Chemistry: Environmental Science, Forensics, Materials Science, College/AP/IB (Beyond 1st Year Chemistry), Assessment and other various topics in Chemistry.

Below are some titles and presenters of the Pittcon sponsored teacher workshops:

  • “Rural Outreach Chemistry for Kids (R.O.C.K.),” presented by Rose Clark and Ed Zovinka, St. Francis College
  • “Teaching Science with Toys,” presented by Karen Levitt, Duquesne University
  • “Hands-on Activities to Show that Light Energy is Quantized,” presented by Neal Dando, Jonell Kerkhoff and Susan Zawacky on behalf of the Perimeter Institute
  • “Three Quick Heat Capacity Demonstrations,” Susan Zawacky, retired, Sewickley Academy

In addition, Pittcon is also sponsoring seven teachers who have developed inquiry-based lessons through collaboration in the Target Inquiry program based at Grand Valley State University (MI) and Miami University (OH).

Below are some titles and presenters of the Target Inquiry Program Teacher workshops:

  • “A Very Cool Investigation," presented by Ryan Schoenborn
  • “Thinking Small: An Inquiry-based Curriculum for Particulate-level Chemistry," presented by Chad Bridle
  • “Making Chemistry Visible with Magnets,” presented by Doug Ragan
  • “Periodic Table Trendsetter,” presented by Chad Husting
  • “Particulate Drawings and Manipulatives," presented by Alice Putti
  • “An Electrochemistry Lab developed as part of Target Inquiry,” presented by Deanna Cullen
  • “Red Alert : A Target Inquiry Guided-Inquiry Investigation of Reaction Rates," presented by Angela Slater

For a full list of sponsored workshops, visit www.science-week.org.



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