Dr. Paul Brooks is CN Bio's New Chief Business Officer

CN Bio, a leading Organ-on-a-chip Company (OOC) that designs and manufactures single- and multi-organ microphysiological systems (MPS), today announced the appointment of Dr. Paul Brooks as Chief Business Officer.

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Key to the next stage of the Company’s growth, Paul will be responsible for shaping the company’s commercial business strategy and leading the expansion of its global commercial organization.

Paul is an experienced C-suite level executive with over 25 years in the life science industry building businesses and leading high-performance research, product development, marketing, and sales teams to develop and commercialize new biotechnology technologies. He joins CN Bio from Horizon Discovery, a PerkinElmer Company, where he led the strategic and operational transformation of its business units as Head of Business Operations & Managing Director, driving revenue growth across its service, product, and licensing businesses.

Paul not only has experience across a range of large, globally-recognised life sciences businesses, but also driving growth within smaller teams. He has a very strong track record and is well placed to help us grow commercially, moving us forward with our organisational strategy and goals. We are proud to have him joining the team and look forward to working together, enabling us to drive innovation in the sector by bringing more products to market.

Dr. David Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, CN Bio

Paul held various management roles at Sigma-Aldrich; acquired by Merck Group in 2015 to form MilliporeSigma, where he joined the leadership team as Head of Discovery Research Services & General Manager and led the successful formation of its global-leading product and service portfolio for drug discovery research. In 2016, he relocated back to the UK as Chief Commercial Officer & Executive Director and Board member at Oxford Genetics, driving the rapid scaling of the synthetic biology start-up company and commercialization of its technology.

Paul has a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Wales, a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, and an MBA from University of Nottingham Business School.

Dr. Paul Brooks, Chief Business Officer, CN Bio, commented: “The potential within the Organ-on-a-Chip space to revolutionise drug discovery is remarkable. CN Bio is demonstrating these possibilities with its next-generation PhysioMimix microphysiological technology, not only to accelerate the accurate and reliable development of new therapeutics, but also critically reducing researchers’ dependence on animal models. It’s an exciting time to be joining CN Bio at an important inflection point in its history, and I’m eager to work alongside the team to help realise this potential.”

For more information on the PhysioMimix OOC range, please visit: https://cn-bio.com/physiomimixooc/


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