1. Jennifer Knodle Jennifer Knodle United States says:

    Additional limitations of this study could be several factors. Providers are becoming more aware or possibly more willing to recognize this disorder.   I personally have this disorder and have had this disorder for 10 years. As a medical professional, I diagnosed myself through symptoms 10 years ago, however, it took 5 consultations and refusal of multiple providers to acknowledge the possibility and order the needed diagnostic test of lumbar puncture, because I was not overweight. I ultimately had a massive seizure and even then saw an 3 additional providers perplexed by the seizures and cognitive symptoms one who with whom I did not discuss my suspicions finally diagnosed the condition.   Not all who suffer with this are overweight. Also, this is a chicken or the egg dilemma for multiple reasons. First, I was an avid exerciser, I ate quite a healthy diet, and came from a middle class home, yet could never hit weight loss targets due to fluid issues, which at the time I did not understand had any relation to my headaches.  
    I have met many people on my journey and continue to help and refer patients to the one provider who has been helpful to me. All of these patients are similar to me. Though the correlations are noteworthy, correlation and causation are not the same. I respectfully disagree with the findings and believe that if the neurologists spent more time listening to all that the patients have tried, They may see that the patients who do lose weight often do not see resolution of their symptoms though they may experience intermittent remission.  The IIH is a symptom, one that I suspect will eventually drop the “idiopathic” just as it dropped the “benign”.

    • Hamda AL Naimi Hamda AL Naimi United States says:

      Hello! I too was misdiagnosed because I was not overweight.. and I continue to tell my doctors that this is a symptom of something but sadly, they continue to call it "idiopathic". Thank you for your comment!!!

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