1. Heather Stitt Heather Stitt United Kingdom says:

    Has anyone tried Vitamin B Complex for alleviating fibro symptoms? I've had fibromyalgia for 20 years and I have had relief through taking Vitamin B Complex. If it gets really bad I find Amitryptaline helps but I don't taking it for too long. I find that if I forget to take the vitamin tablets (the joy of fibro fog!) then the pain and stiffness comes back. Maybe we need research on Vitamin B Complex, especially B12, on fibromyalgia?

    • Julie Braun Julie Braun United States says:

      I have a script for Vitamin B injections. I give them to myself every two weeks. I know when I'm late because the fatigue becomes almost unbearable.

    • Patsy Birdwell Patsy Birdwell United States says:

      I have had fibro for more years than I knew, until I was diagnosed five years ago to finally know why I had had all the worsening pain, fatigue, headaches, etc. I have the best doctor in the world, and he listens to me. I am not a text book case to him, and he monitors me closely,once a month. I too take the B12 injections every two weeks. If I did not have the pain meds and the injections, I would be on my couch 24/7 again. As it is, I still have to have rest periods during the day. We held off on the regulated pain meds as long as I could bear the pain with the lesser pain meds. I am so afraid of addiction I try to take meds only when I can go no longer deal with the pain. I too feel guilty about taking the drugs, and asking for them, and picking them up at the rx, but I know that my life would come to a complete stand still without them. Just sharing here, so others know how we are all in the same boat when it comes to such terrible, disabling pain, that no one but we sufferers can understand.

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