1. Israel Hlychho Israel Hlychho India says:

    Hi there, I'm 23 and I have amblyopic right eye. Doctors told me that the retina in my right eye is clouded by some white thing, which they are not sure of what it is. They told me that it could not be removed by surgery because there are so many risks in the process, and that the sight could be improved only upto 70%. So I am wondering if binocular training could bring me any improvement in my sights (of course for my right eye), because wearing glass tickles my face and does not work at all for my blurry vision, or any vision related problem in my right eye for that matter. I'd very much appreciate to receive your suggestions.

    • Luis Perlasca Luis Perlasca United States says:

      Sounds like the cloudy part you have was misdiagnosed. A lot of doctors in America that are of the older generation tend to never have seen it before and they misdiagnose it more often than not. Typical since it only happens to 1 of 10000 people with ambliopia. It's a cancer that is benign meaning it stopped growing or does not harm the area. What happened was that when you were in your mothers womb you over developed your optic nerve. Most people stop producing the optical nerve but you continued to do so. Sounds like it should have some type of advantage but unfortunately it doesn't and usually  may be associated with ipsilateral myopia, amblyopia, strabismus and other ocular conditions. Strabismus was found in 66% with MRNF in one review. Visual acuity is usually not affected; however, if a sufficient number of myelinated fibers are present a relative scotomas may develop depending on the location of the MRNF.

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