A baby can certainly be fidgety at times. And that’s allowed on the seca 757. It does not matter if the baby’s weight is in the middle of the tray or if the baby moves a little bit, a lot or not at all – the highly sensitive weighing technology with a special damping function makes sure that the movements are equalized. The scale delivers precise measurements even when the baby is not as quiet as a mouse, leaving medical staff to concentrate completely on the weighing process.

The large weighing tray makes the baby feel safe and secure. It is made of a special synthetic material that quickly takes on body warmth and gives baby a feeling of comfort. In addition, the ample size of the scale allows small children of up to 15 kilograms to be weighed in a seated position. The child’s weight in large and bright LED numbers can be kept in the display with use of the HOLD function. Medical staff can then take care of the baby before reading and recording the weight.

  • Integrated RS232 interface.
  • For reliable data transmission.
  • Damping system. For precise weighing of restless infants.
  • Ergonomically-shaped tray.
  • For safe and secure placement of the baby.
  • Large LED numerals.
  • For easy read-out.
  • HOLD function.
  • For prolonged display of results.