Albira Preclinical PET SPECT CT System

Albira Preclinical PET SPECT CT System is an integrated trimodal system with one of the smallest footprints on the market. It allows for automated fusion between three modalities and with the use of our tranfer beds you are able to transfer the samples seemlessly between the Albira, optical, CT and MR systems.

Albira Preclinical PET SPECT CT System

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The system comes with optional animal management components including animal heating, gating for respiration and cardiology and animal monitoring for temparture regulation. The system includes a large PET ring with a 148 axial field of view, 80 mm transaxial field of view. This allows for rapid acquisition for both rats and mice with a single field of view. There is also up to a 300 mm field of view for larger samples.

Distal to the PET rings there is the SPECT and CT system in a gantry style configuration. The CT system provides a 90 micron resolutiuon and the SPECT system at full zoom provides down to 0.6 mm resolution. A unique feature of the Albira system is the continuous crystal technology that's employed this allows for an advanced depth correction that provides for the optimized tomographic reconstruction. A key feature for this continuous crystal technology are the advanced electronics which allow us to read off the data from the crystal itself.

The system is used widely in cardiolog, oncology, obesity, metabolics and pharmacokinetics. The Albira system is used in a range of disciplines and a range of industries.

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