In Vivo Xtreme Optical and X-ray Small Animal imaging System

The In-Vivo Xtreme from the PCI division, is a combination instrument that offers you multiple modalities in one system. It's designed to give you the best and highest standards of sensitivity in bioluminescence as well as fluorescence.

In Vivo Xtreme Optical and X-ray Small Animal imaging System

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The Xtreme offers the capability to do X-ray imaging inproving the anatomical information of any image. The system is mostly used in oncology, inflammation, neuroscience and other modalities. It's a very unique system, because it combines multiple modalities in one system with high sensitivity, throughput and resolution.

The system itself is equipped with different kinds of cameras that the customer can choose and pick different designs for their application. For example the user could choose the highly sensitive 4 megapixel camera, back illuminated to give the upmost sensitivity of any system available. The user could also use the 16 megapixel camera with front illumination for very high resolution imaging.

The Xtreme is equipped with 28 excitation filters, which covers the whole range from visible to near infrared light. With that the user is able to address roughly every fluorophore that is available in the market. Next to this to provide a very strong fluorescence signal, we have built in a 400 watt xenon illuminator, which gives the user a very homogeneous and intense illumination of the user's animal.


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