Lever-Out Test Hip Endoprosthesis to ISO 7206, ASTM F2068

Zwick testing machine are used to simulate dynamic loadings on a hip prosthesis stem in accordance with the relevant standards, ISO 7206-4, ISO 7206-6, ISO 7206-8 and ASTM F 2068. Use of the appropriate embedding device enables the mechanical conditions specified in the standard, such as the orientation of the hip-joint prosthesis to the test load or the embedding height, together with the angle of load application, to be defined exactly. To test the durability of the stem, dynamic loading on the hip-joint prosthesis during walking, with loosening already present, is simulated; by contrast, the neck region of the prosthesis, which is clinically well anchored, is subjected to alternating loading. The Zwick software also allows operator-friendly Locati tests to be performed.

Run Time – 0:44 mins

ISO 7206, ASTM F2068 - Lever-out test hip endoprosthesis - Lever Out Prüfung Hüftgelenkpaarungen

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