Inciner8 Provides Medical Waste Solution for PacWaste Project

Under the Pacific Hazardous Waste Management Project (PacWaste), the commissioning and installation of various state-of-the-art healthcare waste incinerators has begun in Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tonga and Kiribati.

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These high-temperature medical incinerators are used for treating biohazardous waste (such as pathological, Type I – IV, pharmaceuticals) according to internationally set guidelines on the safe processing of hazardous waste streams.

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PacWaste project

26 medical incinerators have been sanctioned by PacWaste to the Pacific region’s key health clinics and hospitals; these are the first to be commissioned.

Funded by the European Union, the PacWaste is a 7.85 million euro project. The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) is implementing the project in order to improve regional hazardous waste management across the Pacific.

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Mr. Stewart Williams, PREP’s PacWaste Project Manager, says that the dual chamber incinerators will play a key role in improving environmental and public health across the Pacific region.

As well as providing a mechanism for the safe disposal of healthcare waste, the new incinerators will reduce the quantity of dangerous airborne contaminants, like dioxins, that previously occurred through the uncontrolled or low temperature burning of healthcare waste.”

Mr. Stewart Williams, PREP’s PacWaste Project Manager.

Hospital incinerators

Hospital wastes differ from one site to another, and the biggest problem is to dispose this wide variety of waste streams by employing one solution. Processing of Type I to Type IV hospital waste by incineration is still the preferred way and does not jeopardize the health of staff, patients, or others who come into contact with them.

Medical waste streams

  • Type I, II, III, IV waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Red Bag waste
  • Bio-hazard waste
  • Gauze and bandages
  • Pathological Waste
  • Sealed sharp containers
  • Trace-chemotherapeutic waste

Hospital waste types suitable for incineration

Thanks to the secondary chamber with its minimum operating temperature of 850 °C and 2-second retention period, Inciner8’s medical incinerators are best-suited to process most types of pathological and medical waste such as:

  • Type I – Type IV Red Bag Waste
  • General medical waste
  • Biohazards and sharps
  • Pathological waste

  • Infectious waste: this includes waste contaminated with bodily fluids and blood (for example from discarded biopsy samples), bacteria and stocks of infectious agents from laboratory work (for example, waste generated from autopsies and infected animals from labs), or waste from the equipment used (such as swabs, bandages and disposable medical devices) and from patients in isolation wards
  • Pathological waste: this includes human tissues, fluids or organs, body parts, and contaminated animal carcasses; sharps: needles, syringes, disposable blades and scalpels, etc.
  • Chemicals: includes disinfectants, solvents used for laboratory preparations, and heavy metals present in batteries and medical devices (e.g. mercury in broken thermometers)
  • Pharmaceuticals: unused, expired, and contaminated medicines and vaccines
  • Genotoxic waste: this includes highly hazardous, teratogenic1, mutagenic, or carcinogenic, such as cytotoxic drugs employed in treating cancer, and their metabolites
  • Radioactive waste: includes products that are contaminated by radionuclides such as radiotherapeutic materials or radioactive diagnostic material
  • Non-hazardous or general waste: includes waste that does not present any specific biological, chemical, radioactive or physical hazard

Years of experience

Having gained knowledge for decades in this sector, Inciner8 provides a comprehensive range of medical incinerators that cater for the particular needs of medical centers and large hospitals allowing them to operate internal waste management processes in-house.

Inciner8’s medical incinerators

For years, Inciner8 has provided solutions to large health clinics and hospitals across the globe, and appreciate the need for total destruction of medical waste at source. The company’s medical units attain high temperatures and all feature 2-second retention times in their secondary chambers. Its UK incinerator manufacturing facility makes sure that performance and quality are at the forefront of all incinerator designs. All Inciner8 systems are manufactured in the UK.

Inciner8 Manufacturing Capabilities

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Inciner8’s range of medical incinerators has been installed in health clinics and hospitals around the world, from Iceland to New Zealand. The company has recently built and delivered 26 medical incinerators to the Egyptian Army that are to be installed in Egypt’s military hospitals. The company is also in the process of commissioning more than 20 medical units across the South Pacific region.

About Inciner8 Limited

Inciner8 Limited

Inciner8 are a globally respected manufacturing organisation offering a range of Incinerators for all applications in the waste management industry, our products are specifically designed with clean air incineration at the forefront of our product development for Medical, Animal by product and General Municipal waste streams.

After many years in the industry with a track record second to none we have become the company that existing and new clients from around the world come to for their incineration solutions

On top of supplying a range of standard models we have developed a bespoke service for specialist markets and requirements thus ensuring we cater for the needs of this growing industry.

Environmental awareness is always a factor in waste management, inciner8 realise the importance of this and continue to demonstrate full commitment in striving to understand and deliver solutions based on individual country regulations and standards, this has been recently enhanced by our range of products specifically launched to provide an extensive range of pollution control systems and heat recovery options.

Inciner8 - Corporate Intro

We are very proud of our company and Brand, our continued focus is to ensure we enhance that position on a global basis with new product development, listening to our clients as part of that process and communicating consistently in every aspect of our daily activity to keep our valued clients abreast of market changes and future developments from Inciner8.

Being a global leader comes with great responsibility, we value feedback as we continue daily to educate our people to ensure they give the most authoritive and educational information to our clients, which is why we employ highly skilled technicians and thermal treatment experts to support all of our client requirements in the decision making process in sourcing environmentally friendly quality products from Inciner8.

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