Cleaning Up Medical Waste in Pakistan

The issue of medical waste is increasingly challenging to countries across the globe. Historically, there have been few options available which do not cost millions of dollars for the safe destruction of medical waste.

There is a better way. In Baluchistan in the last year, waste businesses and local government representatives have collaborated with Inciner8 to develop a solution which can be used to clean-up waste in a 10 km catchment area. This solution should also help to resolve waste issues in the future.

This project was kept within budget and completed within the designated timeframe. It forms part of a significantly larger project which is currently being negotiated and should be delivered in 2019.

This project was fully funded by the local Governments’ Health Department and was launched to the local community at a special event aimed to raise awareness and provide useful information on why this programme has been setup.

Chief Medical Advisor, MSD Quetta

Dedicated Medical Waste Machine

The i8M-120 with additional Venturi wet scrubber was the model which was supplied for this project. As a consequence of its top loading design, this model has the benefit of being able to burn a great range of materials in one solution. Its straightforward maintenance and large capacity make it ideal for operations such as these.

Features and Benefits

  • Withstand extreme climates
  • Low running costs
  • Global support network
  • Compact and simple design

About Inciner8

Inciner8 are a globally respected manufacturing organisation offering a range of Incinerators for all applications in the waste management industry, our products are specifically designed with clean air incineration at the forefront of our product development for Medical, Animal by product and General Municipal waste streams.

After many years in the industry with a track record second to none we have become the company that existing and new clients from around the world come to for their incineration solutions

On top of supplying a range of standard models we have developed a bespoke service for specialist markets and requirements thus ensuring we cater for the needs of this growing industry.

Environmental awareness is always a factor in waste management, inciner8 realise the importance of this and continue to demonstrate full commitment in striving to understand and deliver solutions based on individual country regulations and standards, this has been recently enhanced by our range of products specifically launched to provide an extensive range of pollution control systems and heat recovery options.

Inciner8 - Corporate Intro

We are very proud of our company and Brand, our continued focus is to ensure we enhance that position on a global basis with new product development, listening to our clients as part of that process and communicating consistently in every aspect of our daily activity to keep our valued clients abreast of market changes and future developments from Inciner8.

Being a global leader comes with great responsibility, we value feedback as we continue daily to educate our people to ensure they give the most authoritive and educational information to our clients, which is why we employ highly skilled technicians and thermal treatment experts to support all of our client requirements in the decision making process in sourcing environmentally friendly quality products from Inciner8.

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