The Benefits of an Autofill Cryogenic Freezer

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There are many things to consider when working with a manual freezer, including lack of liquid nitrogen, availability of refills, the risk of human error and resulting complications.

An autofill freezer offers a potential solution to all of these issues. Autofill freezers are able to autonomously monitor liquid nitrogen levels, allowing users the peace of mind to focus on other, potentially more important aspects of their project.

The benefits of delegation

With any project, it is essential that time and resources be optimized, ensuring that maximum efficiency is maintained. Avoidable wastage of these factors can have a detrimental effect on a project while leading to compromised precision and wasted time which could have been spent more valuably elsewhere.

Manual Dewar‐style freezers are a prime example of all of these issues. Not only do these small capacity freezers take up valuable space, but each unit must be individually, manually filled and checked to ensure correct liquid nitrogen and temperature levels.

There is no clear means of identifying unit or system errors, while dependence on manual processes introduces the risk of human error.

Manual handling of substances like liquid nitrogen poses a greater safety risk if these are not properly managed and appropriate protective equipment worn. Potential risks include burns from the very low temperatures and oxygen deficiency if nitrogen escapes from the cryogenic storage vessel.

An autofill cryogenic freezer can help minimize the risk of error and unavoidable variability caused by manual filling and handling. MVE freezers offer efficient touchscreen control and readily accessible information on temperature and liquid levels, allowing users to precisely monitor and manage the freezer’s internal environment.

Automated level control and user‐defined alarms are available, meaning that any guesswork is eliminated in the case of warnings and errors.

Unambiguous alerts coupled with a system that automatically fills liquid nitrogen to the appropriate level are indisputable advantages over a manual unit, collectively offering improved safety and reduced risk of issues.

The availability of precise measurements leaves nothing to chance, meaning that users do not have to worry about liquid nitrogen levels running low or running out altogether.

Improvements leading to advanced freezing

As well as the range of benefits that automation affords the cryogenic process, freezers from the MVE range are:

  • Efficient ‐ offering the lowest liquid nitrogen consumption on the market
  • Stable ‐ maintaining consistent nitrogen vapor temperatures of ‐190 °C throughout the freezer
  • Safe and easy to access ‐ an offset lid and free‐moving turntable enable the straightforward removal of samples
  • Capacity optimized ‐ offering extra height options, enable storage of a greater number of samples
  • Energy‐saving ‐ the award‐winning MVE Variō offers lower power consumption and a reduced carbon footprint when compared to mechanical freezers
  • User-friendly ‐ easy to use, with features such as the MVE TS (Touchscreen) controller enabling precision monitoring inside the freezer

With a properly optimized autofill cryogenic freezer users are afforded peace of mind thanks to the freezers’ time-saving processes, reduced cost and improved quality. The use of automated processes means that users can rest easy knowing that their samples and products are well protected.

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