Protein analysis made easy with FP828

Express Micro Science (EMS) is Scotland’s only food nutritional laboratory. It works with clients in the food, agricultural, leisure and pharmaceutical industries.

EMS has demonstrated constant, steady growth for the past decade, but the lab struggled to manage its instruments and deliver results after adding protein determination to its services.

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In 2020, following five years of frustration, EMS opted to replace its legacy instruments with protein determinators from LECO.

LECO's FP828 Nitrogen Analyzer leverages a vertical furnace design to ensure full sample combustion in a pure oxygen environment. This powerful and flexible instrument is able to measure protein in all types of samples while offering robust macro sample capabilities and an intuitive, operator-centric software design.

Jennifer Newton, Managing Director of EMS, and Michelle Milne, the company’s Chemistry Director, were both recently interviewed by eFOOD-Lab International about EMS’ laboratory testing capabilities. They discussed their use of the FP828, highlighting that they were pleased with the decision to switch to LECO.

Protein analysis made easy with FP828

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"We run the [protein] analysis 2-3 times a week and run about 100 samples per day," explained Milne. The lab primarily works with fish samples, but it can also work with meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and sweets - samples that the FP828 can accommodate with ease.”

She continues: "We definitely recommend service contracts for regular maintenance service. We have never faced technical problems since 2020." This was the year that the lab began working with LECO.

EMS has recently expanded into the restaurant industry, with many of its clients expressing concern about allergens and calories. Restaurants are required to provide detailed information about their food, with this information central to maintaining customers satisfaction.

EMS has been increasing its range of solution offerings, with its portfolio now including standard food analyses - for example, protein analysis - to soil testing. This extensive range of solutions allows its clients to ensure full traceability in their food’s journey from the growth of ingredients to their customers’ table.

As customer demands continue to increase, laboratories like EMS provide increasingly accurate and efficient information to their clients. EMS’ partnership with LECO is central to its ability to do this.

About LECO Corporation

In 1936, the Laboratory Equipment Company introduced the first rapid carbon determinator to the American iron and steel industry. Today, 75 years later, LECO is recognized globally as a leader in innovative analytical instrumentation, mass spectrometers, metallography and optical equipment, and consumables.

LECO's broad selection of innovative instrumentation incorporates trendsetting automation, easy-to-use software, and the latest technologies into ergonomic designs. This results in instruments that are fast, accurate, and user-friendly—allowing you to increase productivity by achieving a level of throughput that was once unobtainable for many lab managers.

Our four diverse product lines offer you analytical solutions in five different market areas, meeting objectives for a wide variety of applications and scientific techniques. These market areas are described below.

Inorganic analysis

Determinators for carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen used for metal and inorganic analyses; glow discharge spectrometers for bulk and/or quantitative depth profile analysis.

Organic analysis

Determinators for carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen; analyzers for fat, protein, ash/moisture, mercury, and calorific value.

Microstructural analysis

Metallographic sample preparation equipment; macro and microindentation hardness testers; microscopes; image analysis and management systems; optical accessories.

Separation science (Mass spectrometry)

Fast GC-TOFMS and LC-TOFMS systems with ChromaTOF® software dedicated to a wide variety of organic applications; GCxGC-TOFMS and GCxGC FID/ECD systems offer increased separation power.


Crucibles, ladles, stopper rods, nozzles, kiln furniture, and pressed refractory shapes for the foundry and investment casting industry.

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