ALVO Rapsodia 4-05 from Alvo Medical

ALVO Rapsodia 4-05 has been designed to support the patient during all surgical procedures and interventions: general surgery, vascular surgery, endoscopy, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology and orthopedic procedures.

ALVO Rapsodia 4-05 is an electro-hydraulic, mobile operating table made of stainless, acid proof steel. Table is equipped with modular table top with quick release system designed to increase the comfort of segments exchanges and mobile base with electro-hydraulic brakes. Longitudinal shift of the table top is driven from remote controller and  offers exceptional value of smooth movement. One of the most advanced columns on the market (with stroke of greatest 630mm) helped to achieve exceptional values of height in both -highest and lowest positions as well as very high values of Trend and side tilts. Combination of advanced electro-hydraulic drives with electronic systems helps to prevent collisions. Accelerating ramps at the start and stop of each movement and 3 programmable positions are the nice finishing touches.

With ALVO Rapsodia 4-05 we proved, that not only working parameters matters. Exceptional value of this table is not only about numbers, it is also deeply rooted with our demand to create beautiful forms that are comfortable to use and looks beautiful.

ALVO Rapsodia 4-05 could be also connected with ALVO Integra system.

Main features

  • Electro-hydraulic operating table
  • CE certified
  • X-ray translucent table top sections
  • High class antistatic polyurethane mattresses
  • Side rails enable assembly of additional equipment


Length 2100-2250*
Width 560
Height 675-1285
Weight: 275**


Additional measurements

*with modular table top
**max. dynamic load capacity