ALVO Sonata 4-03 from Alvo Medical

Operating table system ALVO Sonata 4-03 has been designed to support the patient during all surgical procedures and operations: general surgeries, vascular surgeries, endoscopy, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology and orthopedic procedures. Functional movements of the table column are provided by reliable electro-hydraulic system. Functional movements of the tabletop and longitudinal shift are supported by gas springs or mechanically. The electro-hydraulic operating table is made of stainless, acid proof steel.

ALVO Sonata 4-03 is working in exchangeable table top system - it is designed for exchanging the table tops with use of specialized trolley for transportation. Wide range of available trolleys helps to ensure comfortable work with the system.

ALVO Sonata 4-03 table system thanks to well-balanced combination between electronic systems and hydraulic and mechanical movements guarantees safety operation and increase the flexibility of the OR. Wherever reliable and uncomplicated table system is needed, ALVO Sonata 4-03 system is an answer.

Main features

  • Electro-hydraulic operating table
  • CE certified
  • X-ray translucent table top sections
  • High class antistatic polyurethane mattresses
  • Side rails enable assembly of additional equipment


Length 2100*
Width 560
Height 800-1130
Weight: 225**


Additional measurements

*the length varies according to the table top
**max. dynamic load capacity