BioLogic DuoFlow QuadTec 10 System from Bio-Rad

The BioLogic DuoFlow family of chromatography systems offers flexibility with multiple system configurations, many optional upgrades, and a common software platform that is intuitive and easy to follow. These systems can be used on the laboratory bench or in a coldroom.

The BioLogic DuoFlow QuadTec 10 system includes:

  • F10 workstation for a flow rate of 10 ml/min* at 3,500 psi (233 bar, 23 MPa)
  • BioLogic QuadTec UV/Vis detector for simultaneous monitoring of four wavelengths ranging from 190–740 nm (with deuterium lamp at 190–370 nm and optional halogen lamp at 370–740 nm)

A Model MX-1 mixer, 3-tray rack, AVR7-3 sample inject valve, fittings kit, instrument control module (ICM), system cables 25 and 26, conductivity monitor, starter kit, UNO Q1 column, and instructions are also included.

A Dell PC controller enables easy communication with the workstation and peripheral devices via an external USB Bitbus communicator. The controller includes the Windows XP operating system, application software, keyboard, mouse, and high-resolution flat-panel monitor.

BioLogic DuoFlow modular components allow the system to meet both laboratory space and application requirements; as requirements change, systems may be easily reconfigured and seamlessly upgraded with increased functionality, such as higher flow rates, sophisticated detection capabilities, pH monitoring, column scouting, and buffer blending.

* Flow rates can be doubled with the addition of the BioLogic Maximizer valve system.