The Model 422 electro-eluter is an electroelution cell for preparative recovery of biomolecules from agarose and acrylamide gels. The eluter combines with the tank and lid of the Mini Trans-Blot® cell (or older Mini-PROTEAN® II or Mini-PROTEAN 3 cells) to elute macromolecules from single or multiple gel slices. Easy to assemble, the electro-eluter has six vertical glass tubes connecting the upper and lower buffer chambers. A frit at the bottom of each tube retains the gel slice but permits macromolecules to migrate through when current is applied. When the macromolecules have passed through the frit, they are collected in the membrane cap for further analysis or testing.

Depending on the buffer system, the Model 422 electro-eluter can be used for elution or dialysis. Setup is quick and easy and the sample is collected in 400–600 µl. The Model 422 electro-eluter can be used for one to six samples without increasing the run time (3–5 hr) or decreasing sample yield. The PowerPac™ Universal power supply is recommended for use with the Model 422 electro-eluter.