The TC20 automated cell counter counts mammalian cells in one simple step using its innovative auto-focus technology and sophisticated cell counting algorithm to produce accurate cell counts in less than 30 seconds. Upon insertion of a counting slide, the TC20 cell counter rapidly provides a total cell count (with or without trypan blue staining) and assesses cell viability via trypan blue exclusion.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with a broad range of cell sizes and types — counts cell lines, primary cells (from tissue or blood), and stem cells
  • Innovative auto-focus technology — removes the variation associated with manual focusing and leads to precise cell counts in 30 seconds
  • Cell size gates — user selects a population of interest in complex samples, such as primary cells, or lets the cell counting algorithm do all the work
  • Cell viability — analyzes cells accurately using multifocal plane analysis
  • Easy to archive and analyze — stores up to 100 counts in the onboard memory for access any time, or use the optional TC20 data analyzer software on your PC to further analyze exported cell images