CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System from Bio-Rad

The CFX Connect real-time PCR detection system offers two-target analysis, excellent thermal cycler specifications, and the same reliable performance as the CFX96 Touch™ real-time PCR detection system. The system incorporates innovative optical technologies with powerful software to provide maximal reliability and efficiency for all the real-time PCR needs.

Key Features and Benefits

The CFX Connect real-time PCR detection system offers:

  • Easy startup — obtain great results right away with factory-calibrated dyes, quick setup, and intuitive software
  • Effortless optimization — save time and reduce costs by optimizing assays in a single run using the thermal gradient
  • Powerful data analysis tools — quickly and accurately validate and analyze data with the advanced analysis modules of CFX Manager™ software
  • Accelerated publication submission — include MIQE annotations and generate RDML files using Biogazelle's qbasePLUS software