The Verdana is designed for pediatric through adult ventilation. It is equipped with a large TFT 10.4" full-color display. The high-resolution display provides flexible graphics menus that combine respiratory curves, loops and numerical data of physiological parameters.


  • 10.4" TFT color screen
  • Intuitive control via navigator wheel knob and touch keys
  • Wide choice of ventilation modes, including CPAP
  • PEEP, P-V loop, and V-F loop
  • Flow and pressure trigger
  • Static compliance and resistance monitor
  • Three-level visual and audible alarms, with concise descriptions of care issues
  • Advanced built-in electronic air-oxygen mixing device
  • Durable and accurate built-in flow sensor
  • Integrated expiration valve
  • Backup anea ventilation
  • Auto-nebulizer
  • Expiratory Valve with a heating function, the expiratory valve protects the device from condensed water and provides accuracy of the flow sensor.
  • Built-in battery
  • CE Certified
  • Humidifier featuring protection function and nine steps for controlling temperature.
  • Compressor - A high-quality medical compressor with low noise, compatible for most medical devices.
  • Assistant Functions:
    • Inspiratory Hold: Convenience for taking X-ray pictures of the patient during ventilation, availability for clinician to assess patient's static pulmonary mechanics.
    • Expiratory Hold: Accessibility for measuring intrinsic PEEP.
    • 100% FiO2: More effective support for suction.
    • Manifold parameter selections are operated by means of a single ComWheel.
    • Manual Insp.: Availability for clinician to make prompt response to the patient's inspiration need.