Shakers from Heidolph are just essential in research laboratories—whether to make or stain samples for analysis, to grow microorganisms and cells, or to avoid sedimentation of solids. Solid-liquid or liquid-liquid extractions, as well as tests for quality control are performed with laboratory shakers.

To cover this huge range of needs, people working at Heidolph provide an extensive selection of high quality laboratory shakers with various types of motions. Right from vortexers with their strong circular vibrating shaking movement to orbital and reciprocating shakers to rocking, overhead and wave shakers, users can identify the correct device for their application with Heidolph.

A range of accessories is available for shaking vessels of various heights and sizes, like separatory funnels (model Promax), Erlenmeyer flasks (model Unimax) and multi-well plates (model Titramax).

For controlling the heat of samples, the Incubator 1000 consists of a heating hood and a heating module that can be chosen from three models, and can be easily integrated with all Heidolph shakers of the 1000 series.

Users can convince themselves with the reliability, performance, and quality of Heidolph shakers, which are developed and produced by the company exclusively in Germany. Users can achieve the preferred results with a comprehensive system solution.