Model 45 Lexan Plastic Nebulizer from DeVilbiss Healthcare

The Model 45 hand-held spray nebulizer delivers aerosol particles of uniformly consistent density deep into the lungs. The break-resistant nebulizer easily disassembles for sterilization.


  • Used for treatment of asthmatic patients  
  • Designed for comfortable administration of fine mists of uniform density to reach deep into lung cavity  
  • Converts liquid (i.e. antibiotic, oil extracts, etc.) into aerosol  
  • Break-resistant nebulizer that easily disassembles for sterilization by using one of the following methods: autoclaving, boiling, or cold sterilization
  • Complete with mouthpiece, extra jet, and bulb
  • MMAD 5 microns
  • 5 cc capacity
  • Six month warranty