TorsionLine Torsion Testing Machine from ZwickRoell

TorsionLine testing machines with maintenance-free AC servo drives are designed for single-axis torsion tests under weight loading. They have a torque range from 20 Nm to 2000 Nm and a horizontal torsion axis.

Maximum stiffness ensures very accurate twist-angle measurement over the whole torque range, while their high resolution allows excellent repeat accuracy to be achieved.

TorsionLine testing machines are equipped with an electrically interlocked safety device. Testing can only begin if the device is in the closed position.

The modular design of the machines allows use of Zwick’s comprehensive range of optional accessories.

TestControl measurement and control electronics are used for torsion testing.

Principal areas of application for TorsionLine:

  • plastics
  • metallic materials, e,g, reverse torsion test on wire, EN 2002-13
  • medical engineering products, e.g. metal bone-screws, ISO 6475
  • fasteners and connectors
  • bolts/screws in general
  • composites
  • drive shafts
  • motor bearings