Electro-Mechanical Testing Actuator from ZwickRoell

The all-purpose electro-mechanical testing actuator is suitable for tensile and compression applications and can be integrated into testing devices in various configurations. Testing applications range from materials and components to finished products, plus production stage (e.g. joining, force-fitting and assembly) testing and long-stroke cyclic or fatigue / durability tests.

  • Available in six sizes: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 kN.
  • High test speeds - up to 30 m/min - guarantee high efficiency.
  • Operating modes – force control and position control – can be switched seamlessly.
  • Flexible in use – can be mounted via head or foot flange or trunnion.
  • A large range of standard modules such as load cells, test fixtures, testing software and Zwick standard electronics is available for various testing situations.
  • Accessory cards and interfaces are available for easy integration into production lines.
  • Straightforward installation and long service life ensure easy maintenance.