HC Table-Top Testing Machines from ZwickRoell

The compact HC table-top testing machines are great space-savers. With the testing actuator mounted in the upper crosshead and the series-standard T-slotted platform, flexure and component tests can be performed in addition to standard tests.

  • Available in various versions for maximum test loads of 10 or 25 kN
  • Standard testing actuator stroke is 100 or 250 mm.
  • Can be supplied for 210 or 280 bar system pressure.
  • Test frame features extremely high stiffness and natural resonance Extremely accurate alignment of load frames avoids unwanted flexural stress in the specimen.
  • Hard-chromed T-slotted platform is suitable for tests with corrosive media, e.g. saline solution, as frequently used in biomedicine.
  • Load cell can be attached to the piston rod or the T-slotted platform as required.
  • Adjustable upper crosshead optionally available with hydraulic lift cylinders.
  • Testing system can be tailored to customers' individual requirements (e.g. specimen grips, test fixtures, extensometers or testing software).
  • Combination of low-noise power pack (9 l/m, 210 bar) and HC frame results in an especially compact test system, as the load frame is positioned directly on top of the hydraulic power pack.
  • HC-T testing machine is a variant with additional torsion testing actuator for combined tensile, compression and torsion loading (maximum test load 10 or 25 kN, testing actuator stroke 100 mm, torque 250 Nm, rotation angle 100°/ optionally 280°).