Wallach’s highly versatile TriScope/Star series offers an optical pathway for a direct view. This family of fixed triple magnification colposcopes features a built-in dual optical beamsplitter which permits the attachment of 35 mm photographic accessories (traditional and digital), video and co-observation (teaching) tube.  All colposcopes now feature Trulight™ LED lighting system for brighter, whiter light.  No need to ever change a light bulb again.  Trulight™ colposcopes come with a 7 year warranty.

The colposcopes deliver the 3D image needed to detect subtle tissue abnormalities and to perform colposcopically directed biopsies and surgery with optimum hand/eye coordination. TriScope features Wallach’s unique overhead suspension system which is solid, yet easily adjustable. The result is total stability through the full range of motion. TriStar offers the same optics on a 5 point base with center post offering a more compact unit for the budget and space conscious.

  • Video, photography and/or teaching tube may be added simply at any time and at low cost for future needs.
  • Magnification of 8x, 13x and 21x is obtained with a 3-step magnification changer. Retractable vessel delineation filter is incorporated to provide clear visualization of vascular patterns.
  • Image obtained through the accessory ports is identical to that viewed through the binocular tubes via the optical beamsplitter.
  • Now available with Trulight™ lighting system for brighter, whiter light.  No need to ever change light bulbs.