Nikon stereoscopic optics with continuous variable zoom magnification of 4.5x to 20x make the ZoomStar™an excellent choice. ZoomStar uses the same microscope head as used in the ZoomScope, but mounted on a compact center post mobile stand. It is a more compact unit for the budget and space conscious. USB Video and digital imaging capabilities are available.

All Wallach colposcopes now incorporate the Trulight™ lighting system.  Enjoy whiter, brighter, high intensity, long life LEDs which converge on the target tissue for exceptional visualization.  Plus they eliminate the need to change bulbs.

All Trulight colposcopes come with a seven year warranty.


  • Stereoscope Nikon head with Nikon zoom optics
  • Zoom optical system gives correct magnification and field of view at all times
  • Full range of magnification from 4.5x to 20x
  • 30° angle eyepiece for physician comfort 
  • Laser compatible
  • Transformerless halogen fiber optic light source with continuous adjustment 
  • Compact center post suspension with both fine and coarse hight adjustments
  • New 5-point base for stability, maneuverability
  • Uses standard position projection bulbs, not special order bulbs
  • Built –in green filter
  • Priced as an alternative to single magnification colposcopes
  • Bulbs-saving thermostat