Comparator XPR26003LC from METTLER TOLEDO

METTLER TOLEDO manual mass comparators guarantee top measurement performance and full trackability of weighing results.

Efficient and trackable calibration with METTLER TOLEDO manual mass comparators with 26.1 kg capacity, 1 mg readability, XPR terminal, built-in ProFACT adjustment, MC Link mass calibration software included and a LevelMatic weighing pan.

Unparalleled accuracy

METTLER TOLEDO’s novel LevelMatic weighing pan reduces corner load error, thus enhancing the precision of weighing results.

One-click certificate

The MC Link software stores all weight calibration information automatically in a secure database. Users can issue the calibration certificates in just one click.

Secure data transfer

The built-in LAN and USB interfaces make it simple for users to connect it to a network or PC. Using the MC Link software, data transfer can be done in a quick, secure, and error-free manner.



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Maximum Capacity 26.1 kg
Readability 1 mg
Repeatability (Nominal Load) 6 mg
Repeatability (typical) 4 mg
Repeatability ABA at Nominal Load 2.5 mg
Repeatability ABA at Low Load 2 mg
OIML Class E1; E2; F1; F2; M1; M2; M3
Software MC Link 2 Mass Calibration Software Included
Adjustment Internal / ProFACT
Battery operation No
Capacity 26,100 g
Display 7" color TFT touchscreen
Guaranteed Repeatability 6 mg
Linearity 20 mg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical) 8 g
Preferred model Top Performance
Readability 1 mg
Settling Time 8 s
Terminal size 7 inch
User management / Audit Trail Yes
Weighing Pan Diameter 220 mm
Material Number(s) 30317642


Effortlessly compliant

State-of-the-art tracking of the metrology-relevant parameters within MC Link helps guarantee users’ results fulfill the regulatory needs.