Rainin's multichannel pipettes offer industry-leading channel-to-channel consistency.

Amplify output

Users can achieve a higher volume of reproducible precision work with remarkable ease by using METTLER TOLEDO’s cutting-edge XLS+ multichannel pipettes. The polymer tip ejectors and new elastomeric seals, together with Rainin’s patented LTS™ LiteTouch System™ provide control and smoothness.

Comfortable, ergonomic pipette

The durable XLS+ multichannel pipette is lightweight and engineered for use with either hand. It is among the most ergonomic manual multichannel pipettes in the market. The light springs, sure-fit handle, and “stiction-less” sealing technology guarantee smooth, light running, and considerably lower the possibility of repetitive strain injuries. The precisely shaped fingerhook facilitates a hassle-free grip.

LTS tip and nozzle design allows mounting of multichannel tips with remarkable ease. Perfect sealing is possible each time, without rocking or hand-tightening. Users will realize how easy it is to obtain absolutely consistent sample pickup throughout all channels.

Furthermore, with LTS, the tip ejection force is only 0.6 kg.

Compliant pipette

Status data, service records, and cycles are stored in the XLS+ pipette’s embedded RFID tag and are fully tamper-proof, in total compliance with GLP/GMP standards.

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The Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS+ is among the most ergonomic manual pipettes available. Its comfortable handle and light springs ensure smooth, easy operation, and significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Like all Pipet-Lite XLS models, its embedded RFID tag enables advanced calibration tracking with optional reader, software, and PC. Video Credit: METTLER TOLEDO

Extreme accuracy

The XLS+ pipettes, with their accuracy and precision better than or equal to other top pipette brands, deliver reliable data. Users can select from 11 models, with the Pipet-Lite XLS+ offering the highest pipetting volume ranges—from 0.1 µL to 20 mL.


Smooth operation pipette

The XLS+ pipette’s sealing system provides a plunger stroke that is smooth and precise, requiring less force than ever. It is ideal for pipetting applications that necessitate delicate control.


Total hand comfort pipette

With lighter springs, “stiction-less” low-drag seals, sure-fit handles, and Rainin’s patented LiteTouch System™ technology, the Pipet-Lite XLS+ pipettes can be operated all day without causing discomfort or pain. The redesigned ergonomic handle sits perfectly in the hand, minimizing tiredness and compromised pipetting functioning. Between pipetting cycles, users can relax their hand due to the finger hook feature.

Easy volume adjustment pipette

The XLS+ pipettes have a snag-proof lock design that prevents accidental volume drift; it is easy to modify even when wearing gloves.

Channel consistency

The patented LTS tip and nozzle design make mounting multichannel tips remarkably easy. Sealing is perfect each time—without hand-tightening or rocking. Users will be amazed by just how easy it is to obtain absolutely consistent sample pickup throughout all channels.


Autoclavable pipette

The XLS+ pipette is built for smooth autoclaving where it counts: the full liquid end, including the seals. The shaft and tip ejectors can be easily removed, and autoclaving will not sacrifice feel or performance.


GLP/GMP security pipette

The XLS pipettes are the world’s first to be fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips for tracking calibration data, recording service and data profiles on-board, and managing pipette inventory.