Pipetting Systems

Pipetting products are used for dispensing liquid of about 5–25 ml (pipettes), 1 ml (Pasteur pipettes), and low volumes from 1 µl to 1000 µl (micropipettes) from one container to the other. Pipetting a small volume of liquid is done accurately using automatic pipettes that are widely used in research laboratories and academic institutions.

Air displacement pipettes are used for pipetting aqueous liquids such as sucrose and water and find their application in biological samples such as proteins, DNA, and RNA. Positive displacement pipettes are useful for pipetting volatile samples such as hexane, ethanol, and formaldehyde, viscous samples (oil, glycerol, and surfactants), corrosive acids such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid; salts (such as sodium chloride); bases (ammonium hydroxide), and hazardous samples such as radioactive isotopes, infectious viruses or bacteria, and blood

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Other Equipment