µB1600 Microfocus Digital X-ray Microscope from Matsusada Precision

As a leading manufacturer of high-voltage power supplies that has supported the cutting-edge area of X-ray inspection systems, semiconductor manufacturing and medical devices. We are proud to introduce the μB1600, a micromini model of micro-focus X-ray inspection system. The μB1600 has an internal micro-focus X-ray source and high-resolution X-ray camera, and can perform transmission imaging and measurements regardless of installation locations.

Feature & Outline

  • Hardware
    • Microfocus x-ray tube
    • Digital imaging camera
    • 4.7" x 4.7" area stage
    • X-Y shifting stage
    • Rotating stage
    • Joystick controller
    • Low-leakage x-ray dose (less than 1 µSv/hr)
    • Safety functions: interlock, emaergency stop and so on
  • Software
    • 12 bit density resolution
    • Density processing: three dimenssion (3D), pseudocolor, pseudo stereo and so on
    • Intensity processing: brightness, contrast, non-linear contrast stretch (gamma), filtering, inverting, binary, histogram and so on
    • Measuring functions: distance, angle and area
  • Possible applications
    • Composites, ceramics and plastics
    • Electronic and electrical components
    • Populated and unpopulated Pcb's


Anode[kV] Stage[inch]
20 to 60 kV 4.7 x 4.7