µB3000 Compact and High Performance X-rays Inspection System from Matsusada Precision

“On-site operating” x-ray inspection system in pursuit of simple operation

A work can be made to move to the position which you want to inspect it quickly by a hand-operated multi-lever. Since short-circuit, lack, etc. of BGA are observable, it is most suitable for an inspection on the spot. In addition, we realize the price that it is easy to introduce without sacrificing "Clear inspection image" "High operability" "High safety" by reviewing a function and a design thoroughly.

Feature & Outline

  • Compact design of the desk-top size
    In order not to choose a setting position in the compact size of W18.9xD20.3xH20.7-inch, it is ideal for use on the spot.
  • Equipped with 2-inch x-ray camera
    A high-resolution and compact x-ray camera enables you to make feeble transmission x-ray a visible image surely.
  • The thorough pursuit of safety
    Because it is shipped with an interlock function to stop x-ray radiation immediately when a stage is opened suddenly, you can use it in comfort.

Overwhelming excellent usability!

  • Easy alignment
    The position of a work can be decided immediately.
    By a hand-operated multi-lever, since a stage can be quickly moved to the X-axis direction 4.72-inch(120 mm), the Y-axis direction to 7.87-inch (200 mm), the part which wants to see a work is correctly observable.
  • Easy setting work on the stage
    Since it is a door of a drawer system and large stage, the set of a work is also simple.
  • Easy maintenance
    The maintenance of an x-ray tube is possible only by two screws removing.
    Exchange and various maintenances of an x-ray tube can be easily performed only by removing a top plate.


Anode [kV] Stage size [inch]
20 to 60 10.24 x 7.87