µB3500 CT-Mountable Desk-top Size X-ray Inspection System

With the combination of lateral irradiation and high-resolution digital imaging camera, µB3500 can realize various non destructive testing and offer clear image with no distortion to edge of the image. µB3500, with such compact desktop size, equipped with rotating stage and joystick for easy operation as well as interlock function, emergency stop function for safer operation, and will satisfy demanding needs for x-ray non destructive testing.

Simple operation allows for use of necessary functions by ‘anyone’‘in no time’

The accompanying dedicated software, not only allows for stage control and simple x-ray operation but also features a variety of image processing and measurement functions. It is simple and easy observation and analysis at the micro/macro level and in various directions. And, reduction of judgment error and wrong inspection parts is enhanced by the following functions. And more, dedicated software for advanced image processing and analysis is standardly included.

Feature & Outline

  • Hardware
    • Microfocus x-ray tube
    • Lateral irradiation
    • X axis, Y axis, Z axis and rotary axis are included to support easy observation.
    • Operating the stage with the joystick while looking inside through the big window
    • Low-leakage x-ray dose (less than 1 µSv/hr)
    • Safety functions: interlock, emergency stop and so on
  • Software
    • 12-bit density resolution
    • Density processing: three dimension (3D), pseudo color, pseudo stereo and so on
    • Intensity processing: brightness, contrast, non-linear contrast stretch (gamma), filtering, inverting, binary, histogram and so on
    • Measuring functions: distance, angle and area
  • Possible applications
    • A work that cannot be placed on its side
    • Composites, ceramics and plastics
    • Electronic and electrical components
    • Populated and unpopulated PCB's


Anode Stage
20 kV to 80 kV φ3.93-inch (100 mm)