Hannah Simmons

Hannah Simmons

Feature Writer


Biomedical Sciences, Neurological Diseases

Hannah is a medical and life sciences writer with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree from Lancaster University, UK.

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Throughout her experience as a freelance article writer, Hannah has written about many different life science topics. However, she is particularly interested in Alzheimer’s disease, a condition characterised by memory loss, neuronal cell death and protein depositions within the brain. This is because, before becoming a writer, Hannah's research focussed on investigating the mechanism of a new drug which, if proved to be successful, could reduce the amount of protein which is deposited in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. She also worked to further elucidate the biological pathways involved in these diseases.

During her time in research, Hannah worked alongside many scientists on the forefront of medical research. She successful identified several potential biomarkers for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, which could aid early detection of disease and improve the prognosis of thousands of patients. This experience further encouraged her keen interest in science, wanting to help the search for future therapies and help others understand the science behind them.

Hannah is also helping the search for an Alzheimer’s cure through her work with student-run charity “Defying Dementia”. Through numerous fund-raising events such as Santa dashes, charity ball nights, valentine stalls and bake sales, this group aims to raise awareness of Dementia and fund the life-changing research happening over the country.

In her spare time, Hannah demonstrates in the Lancaster University teaching labs, helping undergraduate biology students carry out experiments and aiding teaching staff. She thoroughly enjoyed this position, finding it both enjoyable and gratifying to help others with their studies and spread scientific knowledge.

Outside of her work, Hannah enjoys swimming, taking her dog for a walk and travelling the world.

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