Kate Anderton

Kate Anderton



Biomedical Sciences, Cell Biology

Kate Anderton is a Biomedical Sciences graduate (B.Sc.) from Lancaster University. She manages the editorial content on News-Medical and carries out interviews with world-renowned medical and life sciences researchers. She also interviews innovative industry leaders who are helping to bring the next generation of medical technologies to market.

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Kate’s experience is varied. She has spent time in both academic and commercial laboratories, working as a cancer research scientist and a microbiologist.

In the commercial world, Kate carried out sterility testing of water samples from a large antibiotic manufacturing site. Later, she spent time in a quality assurance laboratory, testing consumables to ensure they were free from contamination and would last the length of their recommended shelf life.

This is in contrast to her time in research, where Kate carried out protein interaction studies on mammalian cell lines. She also spent time in a microbiology laboratory, researching the effects of global warming on freshwater ecosystems.

Kate enjoys working for News-Medical as it allows her to combine the medical aspects of her degree with her scientific research experience. She supports the research community in bringing bench-to-bedside and aims to highlight this through her work.

When she is not working, Kate likes to cook up a storm in the kitchen – which is often an experiment and doesn’t always go well! She also likes to spend time with friends, travel, and binge watch the latest tv shows on Netflix.

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