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  • Health - 26 Feb 2019
    Studies have shown that multiple neuropsychiatric disorders can be linked to modulations in the gut microbiome.
  • Health - 26 Feb 2019
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Asperger’s disorder were considered to be two distinct psychiatric conditions.
  • Health - 9 Jul 2019
    Talking therapy, or psychotherapy, can form part of the treatment plan for a multitude of mental health conditions, and can be used to improve a patient’s mental health as a sole form of treatment, or...
  • Health - 29 May 2019
    Asperger syndrome is not a curable condition. However, being one of the milder forms in the Autism Spectrum Disorders, with little language development difficulties and normal or high IQ, this...
  • Health - 15 Jan 2020
    Superman syndrome, also known as 47, XYY, is a condition in which males have an additional Y chromosome.
  • Health - 27 Feb 2019
    Moebius syndrome is present at birth, and its first sign is often the infant’s difficulty with sucking. The disease affects the cranial nerves, preventing normal facial muscle movement, which affects...
  • Health - 20 Jun 2019
    The vast majority of pollution-related deaths are linked to fine particles less than 2.5 millionths of a metre (known as PM2.5).
  • Health - 23 Aug 2018
    Oxytocin is a small but potent nine-amino acid hormone secreted within the brain, from the hypothalamus. It is secreted into the posterior pituitary via the pituitary stalk which contains axons...
  • Health - 20 Nov 2019
    A group of researchers from Duke University recently investigated the mechanisms by which cannabis use can alter sperm DNA
  • Health - 29 May 2019
    There is at present no cure and no specific treatment for Asperger syndrome. However, early detection and intervention may help children with the condition to develop into adults who can live a...